UPDATE, 17 September 2018:

We are pleased to announce our final inventory counts and pricing for Fall 2018/Spring 2019.  We anticipate digging to start at the end of October.

If you have any questions about fall 2018 or spring 2019 needs, please contact Eric Sours on 540.860.2556 or via email since we are already taking orders.  Thank you for your interest and support!

Matt Deivert and Staff
White House Natives

White House Natives sells only to the wholesale trade (commercial and contractor sales). Sorry, no retail or individual sales.

NOTE:  Prices are subject to change. We will entertain discounts on volume orders; please contact us for more pricing information.   Please note that our pricing page is password-protected.  If you’ve been issued a password, you can access current pricing here.  To apply for a password, please submit a request on this page.

White House Natives Availability List; 17 Sept 2018 [PDF]

VarietySizeQty Avail
Acer negundo2”2
Acer negundo2½”12
Acer negundo3”23
Acer rubrum2”2
Acer rubrum2½”17
Acer rubrum3”8
Acer saccharum2”n/a
Acer saccharum2½”n/a
Alnus serrulata4-5 ft12
Alnus serrulata5-6 ft11
Alnus serrulata6-8 ft6
Asimina triloba1½”25
Asimina triloba1¾”8
Asimina triloba2”8
Asimina triloba2½”2
Asimina triloba6-8 ft4
Betula alleghaniensis [Treeform]8 ft5
Betula lenta [Treeform]8 ft5
Betula nigra10 ft88
Betula nigra12 ft25
Betula nigra14 ft 1
Betula nigra2”n/a
Betula nigra2½”12
Betula nigra3”12
Betula nigra4”12
Betula nigra8 ft20
Betula nigra [5-Stem Clump]10 ft25
Betula nigra [5-Stem Clump]12 ft15
Betula nigra [5-Stem Clump]14 ft 35
Betula nigra [5-Stem Clump]8 ftn/a
Calycanthus floridus4 ft5
Carpinus caroliniana1½”1
Carpinus caroliniana2”25
Carpinus caroliniana2½”2
Carpinus caroliniana3”n/a
Carya assorted2”20
Carya assorted2½”2
Carya glabra1½”7
Carya glabra2”12
Carya glabra2½”2
Carya glabra3”n/a
Castanea pumila2”15
Catalpa speciosa2”n/a
Catalpa speciosa2½”4
Catalpa speciosa3”7
Celtis occidenatlis2”4
Celtis occidenatlis2½”8
Celtis occidentalis3”6
Cephalanthus occidentalis4 ft4
Cephalanthus occidentalis5 ft2
Cercis canadensis2”31
Cercis canadensis2½”1
Cercis canadensis3”n/a
Cercis canadensis [Low-branched Multistem]6-8 ft36
Cercis canadensis [Low-branched Multistem]8 ft19
Chamæcyparis thyoides6-8 ftn/a
Chionanthus virginicus5 ft85
Chionanthus virginicus6 ft41
Chionanthus virginicus6-8 ft, hvyn/a
Chionanthus virginicus7-8 ft10
Cladtrastis kentukea2”41
Cladtrastis kentukea2½”11
Cornus alternifolia1½”, 6-8 ft6
Cornus alternifolia1¾”, 6-8 ft5
Cornus amomum4 ft12
Cornus florida2”n/a
Cornus florida6-8 ft7
Cornus racemosa3 ft1
Corylus americana2 ft4
Corylus americana3 ft1
Diospyros virginiana2”29
Diospyros virginiana2½”24
Diospyros virginiana3”1
Diospyros virginiana 1½”40
Fagus grandifolia2”50
Fagus grandifolia2½”n/a
Fagus grandifolia [Low-branched]2”21
Fagus grandifolia [Low-branched]2½”15
Fagus grandifolia [Low-branched]3”1
Franklinia alatamaha6-8 ft1
Hamamelis virginiana4 ft2
Hamamelis virginiana5 ft16
Hamamelis virginiana6 ft1
Ilex decidua5 ft11
Ilex decidua6 ftn/a
Ilex opaca6-7 ft13
Ilex opaca8 ft5
Ilex opaca 7-8 ft12
Ilex verticillata3-4 ft5
Ilex verticillata4-5 ft19
Ilex verticillata5-6 ft18
Juglans nigra2”2
Juglans nigra2½”2
Juglans nigra3”3
Juglans nigra4”4
Juniperus virginiana5 ft10
Juniperus virginiana6 ftn/a
Juniperus virginiana7 ftn/a
Juniperus virginiana8 ft3
Lindera benzoin3 ft5
Lindera benzoin5 ft1
Liquidambar styraciflua2”52
Liquidambar styraciflua2½”44
Liquidambar styraciflua3”72
Liquidambar styraciflua3½”2
Liriodendron tulipifera2”4
Liriodendron tulipifera2½”13
Liriodendron tulipifera3”8
Liriodendron tulipifera3½”n/a
Liriodendron tulipifera4”2
Magnolia acuminata1½”, 6 ft2
Magnolia acuminata2”, 8 ft2
Magnolia virginiana5-6 ft25
Magnolia virginiana6-7 ft47
Magnolia virginiana7-8 ft28
Magnolia virginiana8-10 ft12
Morus rubra1½”4
Morus rubra2”6
Nyssa aquatica2½”2
Nyssa aquatica3”9
Nyssa sylvatica2”73
Nyssa sylvatica2½”56
Nyssa sylvatica3”28
Nyssa sylvatica3½”n/a
Ostrya virginiana2”11
Ostrya virginiana2½”2
Ostrya virginiana [B Grade]2-3”5
Oxydendron arboreum 1½”1
Oxydendron arboreum 6 ft7
Pinus rigida [B Grade]6-8 ft25
Pinus rigida [B Grade]8-10 ft6
Pinus virginiana6-7 ft25
Pinus virginiana7-8 ftn/a
Platanus occidentalis2”4
Platanus occidentalis2½”47
Platanus occidentalis3”23
Platanus occidentalis3½”2
Populus deltoides2”5
Populus deltoides2½”n/a
Populus deltoides3”10
Prunus americana [Multistem]10 ft10
Prunus americana [Multistem]8 ft4
Prunus serotina2”2
Prunus serotina2½”5
Prunus serotina3”3
Quercus alba1½”2
Quercus alba2”112
Quercus alba2½”45
Quercus alba3”11
Quercus bicolor2”78
Quercus bicolor2½”47
Quercus bicolor3”17
Quercus coccinea2”75
Quercus coccinea2½”44
Quercus coccinea3”2
Quercus falcata2”20
Quercus falcata2½”3
Quercus falcata3”3
Quercus imbricaria2”33
Quercus imbricaria2½”n/a
Quercus macrocarpa1¾”5
Quercus macrocarpa2”n/a
Quercus macrocarpa2”26
Quercus macrocarpa2½”5
Quercus macrocarpa3”n/a
Quercus marilandica2”7
Quercus marilandica2½”4
Quercus michauxii 2”n/a
Quercus michauxii 2½”10
Quercus michauxii 3”14
Quercus muehlenbergii2”23
Quercus muehlenbergii2½”15
Quercus muehlenbergii3”1
Quercus palustris2”10
Quercus palustris2½”68
Quercus palustris3”57
Quercus palustris3½”4
Quercus phellos2”103
Quercus phellos2½”78
Quercus phellos3”59
Quercus phellos3½”19
Quercus prinus1½”10
Quercus prinus2”4
Quercus prinus2½”5
Quercus prinus3”6
Quercus rubra2”62
Quercus rubra2½”14
Quercus rubra3”2
Quercus velutina2”6
Quercus velutina2½”12
Quercus velutina3”1
Rhus copallina [Multistem]12-14 ft10
Rhus copallina [Treeform]1½”3
Rhus copallina [Treeform]2”15
Rhus typhloides [Treeform]2½”1
Robinia pseudoacacia2”n/a
Robinia pseudoacacia2½”1
Robinia pseudoacacia3”13
Robinia pseudoacacia3½”n/a
Robinia pseudoacacia4”3
Salix nigra8-10 ft12
Sambucus nigra subsp. canadensis4-5 ftn/a
Sambucus nigra subsp. canadensis5-6 ft11
Sambucus nigra subsp. canadensis6-7 ft9
Sassafras albidum 1”, 6-8 ft10
Sassafras albidum 1¼”4
Sassafras albidum 1½”n/a
Sassafras albidum 2”2
Strax americana5-6 ft7
Taxodium distichum2”2
Taxodium distichum2½”27
Taxodium distichum3”10
Tilia americana2”n/a
Tilia americana2½”1
Tilia americana3”5
Viburnum dentatum4-5 ftn/a
Viburnum dentatum5-6 ft3
Viburnum nudum5-6 ft2