At White House Natives, we are planting our future now, and currently have more than 15,000 native trees and shrubs growing on 60 acres in fertile Shenandoah Valley soils, representing around 100 different native species.

Our singular goal is to take the diversity of Mother Nature and craft a uniform plant that can provide both an instant and a long-term impact in the landscape, due to its size, aesthetics, and ecological benefits. Most commercial nurseries have opted to not fully invest in native plants, causing shortages in supply. At White House Natives, we take the opposite approach, FULLY investing ONLY in natives, thereby helping to provide the proper inventory mix to supply the growing demand for sustainable native plants.

Our valued customers include landscapers, garden centers, re-wholesalers, municipalities, and both private and public institutions. We also partner with architects, designers, organizations, and developers to promote the use of sustainable native plants.

All our stock is regularly pruned, staked and drip-irrigated to promote quality and uniformity. With that focus, full-time on-site oversight, a seasoned crew, and rigorous standards and processes, you can be sure of the quality and consistency of the material you source from White House Natives. For most species, our finished sizes range from 1½” to 4” caliper on trees and from 3 to 6 foot height on shrubs.