Why Use Native Plants?

Over the past twenty years, landscape designers and environmental restoration professionals—as well as enlightened developers and planners—have witnessed the numerous benefits that native plantings bring to a broad array of project types.

While environmental projects such as wetland and streambank restorations were the initial drivers of demand for native plant stock, the twenty-first-century paradigm in the design of our urban and suburban landscapes and the developments they host continues to evolve.

Design professionals and community requirements are increasingly bringing natives back to our human-constructed landscapes. The use of native plant materials in our new and restored communities promotes a more diverse habitat for native wildlife and reduced the need for pesticides in our human habitats. Both contribute to a much more positive living experience for all.

Our wide-ranging experience in the green industry, combined with increased demand from an ever-growing, forward-looking segment of professionals seeking ecologically responsible and sustainable materials, planted the seed to develop WHN as a focused provider of quality natives. Historically, fully integrating natives into landscape projects has been difficult due to constraints on mix, quality, and sizes required. We help to bridge that gap.

While most commercial nurseries have opted to not fully invest in native plants, we at White House Natives take the opposite approach, FULLY investing ONLY in natives, thereby helping to provide the proper inventory mix to supply the growing demand for sustainable native plants.