In the Field, Summer Liner Tours 2019, pt 5 (and final)

Ending the year with a final group of photos from our summer 2019 tours of our liner vendors.   Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone.. See you in 2020!

In the Field, August 2019, pt 3

Now it’s September and our latest batch of liners is planted.  These photos are from another liner grower we toured in the second week of August.

Here the supplier finishes the liners out in #3 containers which produces a great root system to start the plants off right in our fields.

In the Field, August 2019, pt 1

Matt Deivert and Eric Sours toured three key liner suppliers during the second week of August.  This is the first of a few posts over the next several weeks highlighting some of the stock we saw.

This time investment is well worth it to put our eyes on our liners for this September and next spring. Not every plant grows the same every year and from one grower to another, so it always makes sense to get out and see what current and future crops are looking like.  It also gives us the chance to learn about production practices and new products while providing face-to-face feedback to our liner growers. Overall the liners we saw looked great.  Eric will start planting the Tuesday after Labor Day.