Inventory Update, Wed 17 Aug 2022.

We have had an excellent growing season thus far, providing a bountiful supply of native trees for your fall and spring landscape needs.  We continue to refine our inventory counts, using our best guess of what size our native trees will finish at this fall.   We do encourage you to place your orders early as we expect to sell out of many varieties and sizes with the ever-increasing demand for locally-grown native trees.

We have worked diligently the past few years to hold our pricing and even in unprecedented times of cost increases in materials, labor and fuel, we have only moderately adjusted some pricing after careful consideration and a review of our growing expenses.  To help offset these modest increases, we have increased our offering of quantity discounts to remain competitive on jobs that require larger quantities.  In addition, if you have specific needs, especially for larger projects, we are willing to provide you a net-priced quote; please contact Eric Sours [email  phone] for details.  Eric can also answer any questions about our availability since he has touched each and every tree several times in their life and production cycle.

We continue to refine the mix of native trees that we offer for sale based on liner availability and how well they perform in our fertile fields along the Shenandoah River in Luray, VA (where we have also been known to catch a plethora of smallmouth bass). I would like to share a few highlights of the crops we have available this season for you:

Quercus (oaks)

With 14 species to choose from, this genus is at the top of the food chain for providing habitat and food for any thriving ecosystem.   We have excellent quantities of 2”: alba, bicolor, coccinea, palustris (also 2½”), phellos (also 2½”) and rubra.

Fagus grandifolia (American beech)

Great as a stand-alone specimen or in grove to add diversity to your hardwoods, we have numerous 2” and 2.5” trees available in both lower branched or limbed up specimens.

Acer saccharum (sugar maple)

What a great way to add orange and yellow fall color to your landscape and add some flavor to the maple family we have several 2” and 2½” available.

Liquidambar styriciflua (sweetgum)

Not to be outdone by any other native tree for intensity and mixture of fall color from yellows and oranges to red and dark maroon we have plenty to choose from this fall in the 2” size.

Magnolia virginiana (sweetbay)

This semi-evergreen magnolia has the most wonderful fragrant blooms in late spring/early summer that are followed by bright red cone-like fruits while tolerating shade as a medium-sized multi-stem tree.  We have them ready to dig starting at 5 ft and up to 8 ft.

Betula nigra (river birch)

If you have a wet area and/or need a fast-growing, adaptable tree with multiple seasons of interest, this is a great choice.  Especially known for their exfoliating bark, we have multi- and single-stem trees ranging from 8 ft to 12 ft.

Chionanthus virginicus (white fringetree)

We are pleased to see the return of heavy multi-stem plants back on our availability.  The mass of white blooms in the spring, followed by lustrous green foliage all summer and black fruit in the fall give you plenty of reasons to add this smaller size understory tree to your landscape.  We have sizes starting at 4 ft and up to 6 ft, they are nearly as wide as they are tall.

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