Even with our diligence in hand-selecting liners, planting, staking, irrigating, and pruning; not every tree we plant and care for is saleable at our high level of quality expectations.  Each season we closely inspect our field for trees that are or will not be saleable and remove them so that the trees next to them can continue to flourish and time and space is not wasted on a tree that cannot be sold.  We utilize equipment to quickly and efficiently grub out these trees along with most of their roots. This is an excellent opportunity for Eric and our team to inspect how our root systems look and grow on various species.  We are looking for and evenly-sized and -spread root system with no circling roots to make sure that we are doing a good job when planting and caring for our trees.  These photos are great visual examples of the healthy root system that we strive for, so that our native trees thrive when transplanted into your landscapes. Photos taken 21 Jan 2023.

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