We take a hands-on approach to crafting our trees that goes beyond the planting phase and into our regular maintenance protocols. This includes careful attention to hand pruning two to three times per year for all of our trees to create consistent heads and branching heights.  In these pictures Eric personally inspects each tree and determines if and where pruning is needed so that as the tree grows we have uniformity and a sturdy canopy that will provide the shape and future shade our customers are investing when choosing White House Natives.

We like to plan and ahead and take advantage of good weather days in the winter and prepare for digging as much as possible. One task we can do ahead of time is to wrap each tree trunk with heavy felt fabric to prevent any damage during digging, shipping and transplanting.  Cody and Joe have become experts at this over the past few years and enjoy this task knowing this means digging is right around the corner, starting in mid to late February. This extra hand-son step insures that your trees arrive in pristine condition and ready to thrive at their forever home in your landscapes.  Photos taken 5 February 2024.

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