The days are short and the nights long and cold. But we’re busy tagging and prepping for the busy spring days only a few months ahead.


Winter rye (Secale cereale) as a cover crop
Taxodium distichum; 2½ in
Taxodium distichum; 2 in, spring 2017 liner
Spring 2018 field ready for liners!
Spring 2016 liners at dusk
Platanus occidentalis; 3-3½ in—tagged for spring digging
Platanus occidentalis; 1½ in, spring 2017 planting
Platanus occidentalis showing the good structure that comes from regular pruning.
Our fields of fall 2016 and spring 2017 liners at dusk
One- and two-year old liners
Magnolia virginiana; 5-6 ft
Liriodendron and Liquidambar—tagged for spring
Fall 2017 liners
Cornus amomum; 4 ft
Betula nigra; 10-12 ft
Betula nigra; 8-10 ft, five-stem
Betula nigra; 6-8 ft, spring 2017 liners
Barn and fields at dusk
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