Spring and digging is just around the corner. Here are some recent shots of stock at the nursery.

Rhus copallina; 10-12 ft
Acer saccharum; 2-2½ in
Quercus rubra; 3-3½ in
Quercus rubra; 3½ in
Quercus rubra; 3½ in, block
Quercus macrocarpa; 3 in
Quercus coccinea; 3-3½ in [front] and Quercus alba; 3-3½ in [rear]
Quercus bicolor; 3 in
Quercus bicolor, bark detail
Quercus alba; 3½ in
Pinus virginiana; 6-7 ft
Pinus rigida; 8 ft
Nyssa sylvatica; 3-3½ in
Nyssa sylvatica; 3 in block
Liquidambar styraciflua; 2½-3 in
Juniperus virginiana; 5-6 ft
Hammamelis virginiana; 4-5 ft
Hammamelis virginiana, flower detail
Hammamelis virginiana, bloom detail
Diospyros virginiana; 2½ in
Diospyros virginiana; 2 in
Cornus florida, flower bud detail
Chionanthus virginicus; 6-8 ft heavy
Blocks of Quercus; 3-4 in
Betula nigra; five-stem detail
Betula nigra; 12-14 ft, five-stem
Betula nigra; 8-10 ft, five-stem
Betula nigra; 3 in
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