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Even though the heat slows us down and we like to take breaks and vacations in order to relax, our trees never take a day off.  They thrive with the warm weather, our drip irrigation supplies them the water needed and our fertile soil gives them the nutrients to flourish.  This spring’s 3,000 liners seemed to really enjoy the regular rains in May and our 12,000+ older trees have put on record growth.  We are expecting a substantial increase in our available inventory (coming out in July), but it may not be enough to overcome the demand.  We are already taking substantial orders for this fall.   With all the new growth Eric and our pruning crews (from Shen Paco our labor source partner for 3 years) have been working diligently to craft and shape each tree for uniformity, aesthetics, and to promote good structure.  We choose to stake all of our trees and prune them at least twice a year, which requires additional time and labor but the quality and consistency we get in return pays back substantial dividends from this investment.

Even though it seems like we have just finished spring planting, we are already preparing for our next planting with soil preparation and cover crops.  In addition, we are getting back liner acknowledgments for our  orders placed last year,  for this fall and next spring’s plantings.  We are pleased with the quantities and mix of species we have committed to.  We feel it is important to get out to see each of our suppliers annually.  It not only gives us chance to see what the next liner crop will look like but it is a valuable networking and educational opportunity.  At WHN, we value our customers feedback and input to make improvements, but we also we pass this information along to our suppliers so they can continue to improve their crops, facilities, marketing and most important their people, just like us.  Spending a few hours touching and feeling the product and talking face to face with someone is not the norm in this fast-paced electronic age and it can be a challenge to make time, but is still the best way to learn and to build long-term relationships.

We encourage you to take some time off or just a few hours away from the office and take a tour this summer and see how our trees our grown.  We’re only 1½ hours from DC and what better reason to take a break from your office, the traffic, and your computer than a field trip and  tour of White House Natives in Luray VA, along the banks of the scenic and peaceful Shenandoah River.

Matt Deivert, principal
White House Natives
Luray, Virginia

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