Matt Deivert welcomes the groups to White House Natives along with Shawn Bradley, farm manager and Eric Sours, nursery manager
Matt Deivert (center) welcomes the group to White House Natives along with Shawn Bradley, farm manager (left) and Eric Sours, nursery manager (right)

We enjoyed hosting the Shenandoah Valley Nursery and Greenhouse Association at White House Natives and showing off our current stock of trees and shrubs.

Matt Deivert led the group through the rows of trees, explaining how when he and co-owner Scott Plein were considering starting the nursery they determined a ‘Catch-22’ in the industry: Growers were saying no one wanted to buy native species and landscapers were saying there were no nurseries selling native species.

Hence, White House Natives started in 2011 and the first dig occurred in the spring of 2014 with a harvest of about 400 trees. Another 1000 trees are planned for sale in the spring of 2015.

IMG_1048 RS“The goal is to sell about 1500 trees per year for landscaping in northern Virginia and another 1500 trees for sale in the Shenandoah Valley and other areas. Our market is wholesale garden centers, municipalities and universities – anywhere that native trees are needed,” says Mr. Deivert. For instance, he said, some projects are seeking LEED certification and sourcing native landscape species locally can provide additional points towards the award.

“We are also experimenting to find out if there is a reason why no one is growing certain natives – for instance, is it too difficult to transplant say…. paw paw trees after they reach a certain size?”

IMG_1042RSHe said they also want to make available species that may not be as familiar to clients such as sassafrass, persimmon and Virginia fringe tree.

Following the visit, the Shenandoah Nursery and Greenhouse Association members also visited Brick House Nursery, enjoying a tour of their 60 acre operation and a catered meal in the barn.

It was a wonderful early autumn day to be outdoors and admire the stock available through these two local nurseries located in Luray, VA.


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